October 08, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012

It's that time again, when elsie marley hosts the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. Commit to sewing clothes for your kid (or any other kid in your life, I expect) for a minimum of one hour a day for a week.

Therefore, it's also that time when, unlike any other time of the year, I over-commit and over-extend, planning to accomplish way more than I should reasonably expect of myself.

I know this, and I still do it.

KCWC ambitions
I'm less organized than last time, when I had a bunch of things cut out by the time KCWC got started. This time, all I've got is good intentions.

Starting from the left:
  • McCalls 6530 in purple polka dots. This was something I didn't get to in the spring, and it's been sitting on my sewing table ever since. It's the only one cut out already.
  • McCalls' 6157, with plans to make the shorter top view in both a solid yellow and a solid pink. The fabric is leftover from the spring, clearly, and I may decide to embellish them somewhat when KCWC is over.

    The significant thing with these two, though, is the knit fabric. Despite my previous adventures in knits, I still feel less than confident about working with them. This time, I've borrowed my neighbor's Singer Simplicity serger (thanks Erin!) so I can compare the serging experience with the zig-zagging with my regular Bernina experience. If it turns out to be life-changing, do you suppose Santa might bring me a serger of my own?
  • Some blue and green knit (leftover from this project) which I've saved thinking there might be enough to make a shirt for Caitlyn. If there is, I'll either do a graded-up version of Figgy's Tee for Two or rub off one of the shirts in her closet.
  • Nearly 4 yards of teal floral (birds of paradise?) and nearly 3 yards of red floral (hibiscus?). I think these came from a neighbor's yard sale destashing a few years back. I'm not sure what I'll do with them. Current candidates include McCalls' 6389,McCalls' 5694, McCalls' 6062, McCalls' 4817, or Simplicity 2918 (the dress). Recommendations appreciated!

Clearly, I'm not going to actually get all of this done by next Saturday. Anyone want to start a pool for how much I'll actually get done?

(Don't forget! The giveaway for the Charming Travelers closes on Wednesday evening!)

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