October 04, 2012

Practical Hexies

I will not fall into the hexy/English paper piecing craze. Nope. Takes too long, all that handwork.
hexies on my jeans
Well, except for maybe once in while. For useful things.

Like hiding the split seam on my jeans.

Really, these hexies (on both sides, for balance) have nothing to do with adding stealth quilting references to my clothes.

(By the way, the giveaway for the latest version of the Charming Travelers is open until Wednesday, Oct. 10. Leave me a comment on this post if you want to play!)


  1. Oh, I inherited some hexagons that my great-grandmother had partially pieced together because I am the only quilter in the family. I put some of them on a crazy-quilted garment project many moons ago, but no way, no how am I going to hand-piece an entire hexagon quilt together, even if I had the slightest notion how it should be done.

    I like what you've done with these on your jeans! A very good use for a few hexagons!

    1. I read that some people like to piece hexies when they are in the car. Wouldn't work for me (I'm always driving!), but if I were a passenger and not prone to motion sickness, that's where I would work on a large hexy project.