April 30, 2008

Ian just headed out to the party for this:

Microsoft Photosynth makes star turn on CSI: NY tonight

Not sure if I like the idea of it being a "Microsoft world", but I do have quite a bit to be grateful to them for...
Caitlyn seems to be experiencing synesthesia, or at least she's getting her sensing verbs all mixed up. While waiting for the light to change this afternoon, the other crosswalk light was chirping. She says to me, "I see it beeping, Mama." When warned of impending loud noises, she'll often cover her eyes. We'll talk about spring and new leaves and she's tell me how she hears all the green.

My favorite, though, was Monday night on the walk to Maki & Yaki for dinner:

"Papa, I can smell my reflection in the window cars."

April 27, 2008

Things on the internet last forever: Here's more proof.

Ian tells me the article is rather dull, about some one in Poland who has resigned from a post. The individual had gathered some prior media attention for being somehow involved in or an instigator of an investigation into the Teletubbies and if watching the show encouraged homosexuality in infant viewers. But of all the pictures out there of the Teletubbies, this particular blogger has made a fascinating choice.