April 25, 2012

Perhaps Foolhardy

Despite the original idea that I would mostly ignore Kids Clothing Week this year in favor of making April Clothing Caitlyn Month, I find that now that KCWC is here, I'm not ignoring it. In fact, I may be a bit ambitious.
KCWC Spring 2012
So, here's what's cut out and ready to go, from left to right.
  • McCall's 6387, in green and yellow daffodils, with fabric purchased at Stash, my new neighborhood fabric shop (squee!)
  • a home-drafted a-line-ish skirt with panels of fabric left from Caitlyn's summer hat
  • McCall's 6530 in purple and polka dots
  • McCall's 6062, view A (View B is this dress) in a red and pink from the stash. I realize that M6052 and M6530 are similar designs; I really should go through the pattern collection before I impulsively buy more patterns, even if they are on sale!
  • purple shorts using this free pattern and fabric off the remnant table (I've started these already). If they come out nicely, maybe I'll make another version in a denim

Here's what's not cut out:
  • a self-drafted knit top (copying existing t-shirts)
  • two versions of McCall's 6157, one in yellow and one in pink
  • a blue version of McCall's 5694
  • a pleated skirt based on this tutorial in a butterfly fabric
  • McCall's 6389 although I can't recall at the moment if I've got fabric picked out for it
  • a random embellishing project using a plain white t-shirt and the Bo-Nash kit I picked up at the Sewing Expo

So, I know what I'm doing for the rest of the week. Anyone else think I may have bitten off a bit much here?


  1. Ok, so you've cut all that out - that's the hard part as far as I'm concerned! So *I'm* feeling confident you'll do it :)

    1. But I'm currently obsessed with French seams. I don't think it's the extra sewing that makes them so time-consuming but the extra ironing and extra pinning. If I were wanting to be really speedy, I'd go back to zig-zagging edges, but I really like the clean finished look French seams give to the inside and the outside of something.

  2. Got coffee and chocolate? No problem!

    I'm sewing this week, too, finishing up a dress started last summer and few other things first and then allowing myself a new project, probably another summer dress. No new fabric, though, stash reduction program in progress.

    Looking forward to seeing the garments as they are produced.

  3. No toddler summer wardrobe would be complete without a swimsuit especially if you have a family vacation in the works. And while there’s nothing cuter than an itsy-bitsy bikini or a mini pair of swim trunks, for adequate sun protection it’s best to look for tops and bottoms that cover as much vulnerable territory as possible or slipping a top over your toddler’s two-piece while she’s actually out in the sun.