November 28, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

We spent our Thanksgiving with our local family, spreading the over-eating over two days. I must admit I really liked how that turned out. There are enough strong preferences for what we eat at family gatherings that we tend to fall back on potlucks, so everyone can have what they want. This can result in a over-full table with a variety of dishes that may or may not compliment each other.

But when you spread it over two days, then you can have the salmon and the ravioli and the mixed vegetables in one sitting and the turkey and potatoes and cranberries on the following day. I may lobby for this to become a new family habit for Thanksgiving.

Not least because of the other benefit of multiple days: more opportunities for a wide variety of pie!

Thanksgiving reading

While taking a break between meals, Caitlyn and I shared Rapunzel's Revenge with the smallest member of the family. It's never too early for alternative arrangements to classic fairy tales. Rapunzel is one of Caitlyn's favorites, and she's determined she's up to five versions:

"There's Rapunzel's Revenge, and the one in the fairy tale book, and the movie, and the other movie, and the one in the cupboard."

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  1. LOL, the only Rapunzel we have is the movie I think, lots of other fairy tales in books but not that one! The Rapunzel's Revenge looks good and she's just getting into comics, we got one from the library recently, Beauty and the Beast by Michael Dahl, which was simple enough to start with and had some nice discussion/writing prompts at the back.