November 02, 2011

Grape Harvest

I've brought in the fifth or sixth basket of grapes last week, wrapping up this year's grape harvest. For something I planted for summer shade and fall color, all these actual grapes are an unlooked for bonus.

my grapes

Funny how blue they look when outside on the vine, like I was growing some weird grape leaf/blueberry fruit hybrid.

my grapes

We still have grape jelly from last year's harvest in the pantry, so this year whatever we couldn't just eat fresh either went into the dehydrator to be converted to raisins or cooked down enough to be juiced. I have a bit of a tendency to over-dry the raisins (not sure about the location of that sweet spot of dry enough not to mold but juicy enough to be fun to eat), but they do still go nicely in my morning granola.

I've put the grape juice in the freezer because it's really good and I don't want to rush through it. It's tempting to look for things to do with grape juice since there's some effort involved in converting grapes to juice; all that work, surely I can get something more for it than a glass of juice.

But I'll probably just thaw it out in small batches and drink it.

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