May 01, 2011

Bags for small things

Maybe it's the proverbial spring cleaning, but I've been on an organizing spree lately. I've got bags of out-grown clothes to take to Goodwill, books to drop off for the Seattle Public Library book sale, and dead electronics and computers finally making progress toward Re-PC and Total Reclaim. If it's been ignored for years, I'm making an effort to decide what to do with it and then follow through. I'm pretty good about bagging up Caitlyn's old clothes a couple of times a year, but they usually move as far as another closet, not actually out of the house.

Mixed in with a stack of old games, most of which we'll never play, I found plastic bags of chess pieces and poker chips. The bags were scuffed and dusty and sticky, the way old plastic bags can be. So I made new ones.

another baggie

It's a variation of my bulk goods baggie, with a drawstring rather than a tie. So easy, I made three of them, all in relic fabric from the depths of the stash. The most time-consuming part: braiding the yard to get a decent weight drawstring.

I've no idea what we're going to do with three sets of chess pieces. But now when the bags get saturated with the dust of years, I can wash them.


  1. For drawstrings, I often make a crochet chain with doubled up worsted weight yarn.

  2. Oh, that's a brilliant idea! Thanks!