March 14, 2011

Reusable Dry Goods Bag

We've got reusable fabric shopping bags. Why not have something reusable that you can use in the bulk foods aisle?

reusable dry goods bag

I came up with this baggie a couple months ago, using fabric from the stash and π for possibly the first time since leaving school a million years ago. Since then, it's brought home walnuts, cornmeal, and granola. When it gets dusty inside, I throw it in the wash. The contrasting square is there so I can write in the bag's weight when empty, which would simplify the check-out process at the store. So far, PCC has been awesome about just taking a few ounces off the total weight, but they are probably undercharging me.

I can see making a bunch of these, some wider, some taller. I can't possibly use them all, though. I wonder if other people would want them?


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  2. Love this! How big is it? Could you use the blank square to write the bin code (with something erase-able)?

  3. That may have been my original idea, but I don't know what to write it with... maybe one of those air-erasable fabric markers? The latest thinking was to use a permanent marker to write in the empty weight. I use one of the twist-ties from the bulk area for the bin number label - just wrap it around the ties.

    I'm not sure how big this one is. I opened my compass as big as it would go and went from there. But I think a whole range of sizes has a great deal of potential.

  4. I bought a couple of these a year or so ago, and use them all the time. Yours is way nicer. I'd love some, if you're really looking for takers :)

    So far the major thing I can't put in there is bulk flower - it just coats the inside of the bag.

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