May 18, 2011

Things I Think I Might Make Someday

A notebook, inspired by this but probably with a sewn binding instead of staples. Adventures in book making?

A light weight bag that folds down super tiny, so I can keep it in my bag for accidental shopping events

Experimental fabric dying, with the backs of old t-shirts, then perhaps making t-shirts for Caitlyn from the results

Fabric gift bags. Maybe I can avoid ever buying wrapping paper again?

A skirt for Caitlyn based on this

Marbled paper. Just discovered today you can do this with water-soluble paints and shaving cream.

Wristlet variation. Caitlyn's going to be old enough to require a bus pass this summer, and it's time she had something for carrying her own money (eep!)

A roll-up for colored pencils, inspired by this. I wonder if it could be adapted into a thing to hold the heirloom silver spoons we never use?

1 comment:

  1. Book-binding - yes, let's do it!
    Marbled paper - yes, I'd love to try this!
    Roll-ups for silverware - super easy.