March 20, 2013

Things I Haven't Photographed Lately

  • The 60 tiny onion plants I put in the p-patch over the weekend and the countless buckets of winter weeds I removed.
  • The daffodils in the backyard. The lobelia around them is starting to bloom as well, so parts of the garden have the classic yellow/blue combination going on.
  • A box of 3/4 in washers, a result of yak-shaving.
  • A flower spike on our amarylis - with any luck, this time it won't commit suicide before it blooms!
  • The first of the star magnolia blooming by the house.
  • Absolutely everything piled up on tables in preparation for our first professional carpet cleaning. I honestly had no idea that this was a thing that you're supposed to do regularly!
  • Rhubarb!
  • Two pounds of seed potatoes prepped and sitting on the windowsill.
  • Three knits in the cranberry-magenta-pink family, purchased because I miscalculated several months ago.
  • A black and white version of this scarf - this one is for me.
  • Pea seedlings just emerging.
  • The pear tree rushing to be the first to bloom.

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