April 30, 2012

Out with a Whimper

I like to think I would have finished everything I had cut out for KCWC on time, despite the (probably) 11 mile bike ride on Saturday. (Yeah, I know, 11 miles isn't much to regular bicyclists, but we're new at this. And Caitlyn's riding a bike that's too small and doesn't have gears. Forgive me if I'm over here all impressed with us all for that outing.)

But Caitlyn woke up sick Sunday morning. There has been no sewing. There's been no anything, really, just holding a bucket and her hair for her, then layering her with cool cloths. I've read til I'm hoarse, drunk tea and then read some more. I've spent a lot of time sitting with her as she naps. She plans to be much improved tomorrow, since if she's not she'll miss a field trip and the opening day of the farmers' market on Wednesday. I'll be surprised, though, given her fever this afternoon.

I do have a finished top to post, and I'm half-way done with the green and yellow dress. I'll finish up later this week, perhaps, then tidy my sewing corner for May's parade of quilt blocks. I've got blocks for both April and May for my three BOMs. I'm signed up for the Modern Siggy Swap (sign ups close tonight or tomorrow - I'm such a slacker about sharing this one) and Sew. Quilt. Give., a charity quilting bee (which still has space, I think). It's time to check in on the garden(s) and do the springtime pantry inventory, too.

But for right now, I'll be in Caitlyn's room, reading about mice and dogs and a girl with no gravity.

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