March 30, 2012

How does she eat?

Caitlyn has lost yet another tooth, bringing her count of currently missing teeth to four: three on top, one on the bottom. This time, she bit down on a cinnamon roll rather injudiciously and knocked the tooth sideways. When straightening it didn't quite help with the discomfort, she agreed to let me pull it. She spent several minutes mentally preparing herself for this trauma, sucking on ice cubes, being held by Mama.

Caitlyn, March, 2011

The tooth came out easily. Caitlyn squawked like a kid getting ready to cry, paused long enough to realize that it didn't hurt at all, and busted up laughing.

She still has another really loose tooth on the bottom, one that's been really loose for weeks. You can kinda see it in the photo; it's the one next to the center two bottom incisors that doesn't quite line up with the ones next to it. How she managed to eat the rest of her cinnamon roll without this one coming out as well is one of life's little mysteries.

So to answer the question: Messily. Caitlyn's about out of biting teeth these days, although she's got four new molars coming in so chewing isn't so much of a problem. We had falafel burgers the other day, and Caitlyn needed hers cut into bite-sized portions. Fun times!


  1. I've had to pull two of Hazel's teeth when they hurt too much to leave in (and if she agreed to let me pull them they really must have been awful) but oh man, SHE might have gotten over it easily but I think I'm still traumatised for some reason! I don't know why because blood doesn't bother me but there was something about the thought of it that just does me in. Luckily those were right at the beginning of the process and now she's lost all of the first batch so I'm hoping the canines are easy too. Goodness knows what the molars are going to be like! I have no memory whatsoever of losing mine which means its all new territory. They get pretty good with the eating, I seem to remember Hazel gnawing at a corn cob with her side teeth when the fronts were missing, so it can be done. Though as you say - messily.

    1. I remember losing my molars and I don't recall it being that bad. Maybe because the molars are bigger or more cozy with their neighbors, but they didn't twist the way Caitlyn's incisors tend to. I don't remember having any trouble eating with loose molars... and they were are fun distraction while doing my homework!

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  3. Good for her, I'm pretty sure that she can't wait for them to grow back again.
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