March 08, 2012

Procrastination and Serendipity

Does this ever happen to anyone else? I mean, I've got a stack of works in progress and Caitlyn is fast out-growing several things in her closet and I'm part way through a shirt for Ian. But did I work on any of those with my fragmented available time?

Nope. I went and started something else. Sure, it was the project that was most appealing, most likely to make me happy. But gee whiz, probably not the wisest course.

Oh well.

I started with this:

And a week later, I finished with this:

Just so you know, seams that are 800 inches long take a really, really long time to sew!

I've wanted to do one of these "Jelly Roll 1600" quilts ever since I saw one in person at Pacific Fabrics ages ago. Last fall, Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works posted pictures of several versions, and I picked up a strip set the next time I was at a fabric store, just in case. I've been saving it, thinking I'd do this eventually, when other things were finished.

Things aren't finished, and now, neither is this!

It's an absurdly easy top to piece. Just take a really long strip and keep folding it in half until you have something quilt-sized. I randomized the strips when I joined them, but now I'm curious what would happen if I left them all light-to-dark the way the strips were packaged. I almost want to try this again with 2 strip sets and see if the resulting panel could be turned into a skirt. Hmm...

Can't you see all sorts of neat things made out of this? I see more projects in my future!

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  1. Well, it looks done to me, if you are a "topper."

    One of my dear friends from my quilt guild gave herself permission to just make quilt tops because that's what she liked doing best and started calling herself a topper rather than a quilter. She said it would be her daughters' job to decide what to do with all of the tops after she was gone as she'd be past caring.

    She's made dozens of quilt tops in the time she could only have finished a few quilts, each top more beautiful than the next. I don't know if her daughters know about the vast treasure awaiting them or if it will be a surprise, but it's an amazing legacy either way.

    Thank-you Jan for changing my perspective on "unfinished business."