April 11, 2011

Moving Out

My tree has a new home!

the Norfolk Island Pine on moving day

I contacted a nursery, malls, the local Boys & Girls Club, friends at Microsoft. I posted to our local parents email list and the Seattle freecycle group. But in the end it was the landscape service providers for our neighborhood who had a space tall enough for a 12 foot tree.

the Norfolk Island Pine on moving day

So late last week, on a day with rain (despite being forecast otherwise), this beloved family member moved out. The Tree has been launched into a new life, out of the nest.

moving The Tree

Impact Property Services, our neighborhood's landscape services company, has an office just up the road. There's an atrium for the lobby with lots of windows and an extra tall ceiling. The Tree is joining two other overly tall houseplants as part of the lobby decor. Not only does The Tree have a new home, it has a job.

the Norfolk Island Pine on moving day

Special thanks to Eric for finding The Tree a home, to Jim for taking over its care and providing the transportation, and to Kevin for doing the heavy lifting.

the Norfolk Island Pine on moving day

I'm beyond relieved that I didn't have to sacrifice The Tree to the city compost system. The idea of deliberately killing it made me a bit sick. It's been part of my life for so very, very long. After caring for it, repotting it several times, moving it from home to home, and decorating it for Christmas one year (which was very weird-looking!), sending it to its doom would have broken my heart. But now, not only does The Tree have a new, tall home, but I can take Caitlyn to visit it this summer. Sort of like an elder sibling, off at college. I'm so pleased. Thank you, Impact.

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