April 22, 2011

Finally, Some Spring!

The sun came out today. It actually got warm. Spring may finally come to the Northwest.

cherry blossoms
The cherry tree is blooming nicely. Hopefully some of these will turn into cherries that I get to eat before the birds find them all.

daisies in the lawn
It's time to cut the grass in the back yard, but these little daisies are just so happy, I can't quite bring myself to do it. Need to, though - the established grass is shading the new growth. Although, maybe I shouldn't on the grounds that the new seedlings will need less supplemental water if they are shaded...

buds on the apple tree
The apple tree always flowers last.

blueberry flowers
Blueberry flowers. Mmmm... sun-warmed blueberries on my morning granola.

These are the new pansies planted in the front yard. Because they make me happy.

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