April 16, 2011

Kids' Clothes Week Challenge

One thing that is on my list of Things to Do with Caitlyn over Spring Break is to go through her closet. Time to set aside the things she has outgrown (all her pants, I think) and make a list of things she needs (shorts and t-shirts, probably). Someday, the sun will come out and it will get above 50 degrees and she'll want to wear summery things without 15 layers underneath.

Conveniently, I discovered that elsie marley is hosting the spring 2011 edition of Kids' Clothes Week.

I've got fabric on hand for a dress and at least 2 skirts for Caitlyn. And since I'm apparently feeling ambitious, I think I may use this as reason to finally figure out how to sew with knits. Five years ago, I converted some old onesies into t-shirts, but the hem came out all all stretched out and wobbly - not bad when she was 18 months old but probably less popular now. I'm thinking basic t-shirts to get started. Anyone got any favorite links for how to work with knits without a serger?

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  1. I know there are good tutorials out there because I've seen them - but can't remember where exactly (such a help I know!) I came across them when I was looking for help on hemming knits without a coverlock so the thread doesn't break if it gets stretched a bit. Never figured that out but I remember watching a tutorial or two on YouTube. Although I have an overlocker I find my regular machine does pretty well as long as I have the walking foot on. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!