March 10, 2011

Eavesdropping in the car

I'm providing the transportation for Caitlyn and her friend to and from circus class these days. Which means I get to overhear some of the things the girls say to each other.

Caitlyn's friend apparently can't decide if she wants to be a teacher (both girls adore their teacher) or a nurse (the friend's mom's new job) when she grows up. But she's only going to do either one on the weekdays; weekends are for skiing. And nights are for reading and knitting. Caitlyn wanted to know when her friend would sleep and received a superior-sounding reminder: "You know how your mama and papa go to sleep after you?" This plan sounded solid to Caitlyn, who then volunteered to "help" her friend with any part of it.

"Sure. You can live with me, but you'll have to be ok with a boy. I'm going to live with Angela and Nate, and you can live with us and take care of the babies."

I think Caitlyn's just been invited to be a future nanny to a future high-powered, multiple-career-woman.

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