March 05, 2011

Not there yet

Ian was given an amaryllis bulb a few years ago for his birthday. I planted it, and it put up leaves but never sent up a flower spike. Amaryllis are marketed during the holidays and I'm used to them blooming during cold weather, but I figured it was a gimmick and if we just left it alone it would eventually do what it was naturally inclined to do.

If that's the case, we have the world's laziest amaryllis.

I moved it out of the sun room after Christmas on the theory that it wasn't warm enough. This makes no sense to me since the sun room is plenty warm in other times of the year. Perhaps its the combination of warm and dark that convinced it to get busy.

A month later, we're still waiting.

lazy amaryllis

But if it doesn't bloom soon, it's going to outgrow it's windowsill...

lazy amaryllis

I wonder if I moved it to the living room if Wasabi would leave it alone...

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