April 10, 2013

With Regret, I Must Decline

Too many invitations, not nearly enough time!

Scrap Attack {String Fever}So, in a rare case of taking stock of things before leaping in, I'm going to have to pass up Stitched in Color's newly launched Scrap Attack: String Fever, even though I've been waiting a year or more for Rachel to host a second Scrap Attack. However, I can't play this time. Not for lack of scraps, or even a lack of strings. Not for lack of interest in string quilts, either. It's just that I'll never get to the other projects I've started or have queued up if I don't stop saying "yes" to everything.

This is a big moment for me. I say "yes" to all sorts of endeavors all the time. I'm chronically over-booked.

Not to say that I won't make a string something someday; it's just highly unlikely that I'll do it before the end of May.

Cake Patterns' presale for the Hummingbird skirt and top closed last week, and I said "no" to that as well. So hard, though! I just can't quite justify more patterns (and therefore more projects) when the pile of sewing-for-me projects has completely buried the rocking chair. Sure, I could have gotten the pattern at the discount and saved it for later, but StephC will have a sewalong for Hummingbird, and I'd feel obligated to participate if I had the pattern. So, let's pretend this is wisdom, ok?

I'm also not really saying "yes" to Rae's Spring Top Sewalong, although I'm not really saying "no", either. I've got plenty of tops for myself to sew. Since none of them are really spring-themed, though, I doubt I'm going to really participate in the sewalong. Use any mention of it to remind myself to work on my Wardrobe Improvement Project? Yep, definitely. If I finish anything, maybe I'll put it in the pool; maybe not, since it'll probably be long sleeved. Then, long sleeves are a must for me in springtime in Seattle.

Wish me luck! Oh, and some focus, please, so that I resist the urge to start one more thing before wrapping up several others.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I need to learn how to decline more often! I too wanted to do the SPring Top along, but decided I didn't have time. Although I still haven't deleted the details and dates from my inbox.... Just in case, ya know!

    1. Yeah, I kept that info in my inbox too for a while, too!