April 24, 2013

Appropriate Scaling

It's Kids' Clothing Week! KCW has become a seasonal, four times per year event now, complete with it's own blog, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you've got kids to sew for, this is a great nudge to get you going, and it comes with a whole community of people to cheer you on.

KCW line up
Unlike every other year so far, I'm trying to keep my KCW goals to something reasonable and achievable. Also, Caitlyn's doing pretty well for clothes right now, so there's not a lot of dire needs at the moment. So, I'm making a dress, a pair of shorts, and putting some iron-on transfers on some t-shirts. That last one might not be sewing exactly, but I'm going to count it.

Anyone else playing along this time?

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