January 07, 2012

Christmas Eve Snow


When we finally got around to marking the winter solstice last month, Caitlyn greeted it with the largest pout imaginable.

"No snow!"

I suppose she's got it in her head that it snows regularly in Seattle because we've had snow for three years running, at least. We had snow in 2010, lots in 2009, and more in 2008. That's three years in which enough snow for local sledding has come to Seattle at least once.

Of course, there's still the rest of January and February before the possibility of local snow gets so slim as to be essentially zero.

So, we made our own.

paper snowfall

We'll drive out sometime this winter and go fall down in the snow. (There was this radio commercial when I was a kid for some ski place, possibly in Tahoe, with a normal announcer sort of voice and a kind of gnomish sort of voice which said, "I like to fall down in the snow." Since I don't ski or snowboard or snowshoe or any of that, falling down in the snow if pretty much my primary snow activity. I think of that snow-gnome every time.)

In the meantime, we have these big paper flakes, forever fluttering over the backyard.

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