October 11, 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challenge, Fall 2011

It's time for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, Fall edition over at Elsie Marley! Pretty please, can I play too? It's only two days in and already there's cool stuff in the Flickr pool, like this skirt and this dress.

But Caitlyn doesn't really need anything in the clothes department this month. I'll probably need my own version of KCWC come December or January when she suddenly puts on another inch or two, but right now she's got dresses and skirts aplenty. I've got ideas about making some shirts someday, but that's a project that's a bit down the road as I'm still wrestling with the combination of knit fabric plus my sewing machine (it skips stitches sometimes when I'm sewing with a knit, and I've not got the zig-zag settings right since the shorts I made during Spring's edition of KCWC need to have most of the seams redone;  the stitches are breaking when the fabric stretches) and part of the plan involves hypothetical digital art. We did go out and buy shirts last weekend since last winter's long sleeve shirts are now three-quarter sleeved and cropped.

Pardon me while I take a moment to be pleased with myself: half of the shirts we bought came from a thrift store. I was a gibbering idiot when we left - massive sensory overload - but otherwise it was a successful thrift store outing.  Maybe the trick is to have very specific things in mind, look only for those things, and not shop for myself.

Anyway, Halloween is coming and I've got a costume to make for Caitlyn. I've also got three shirts to make for Ian (two of which are in fabric I gave to him last Christmas... at this rate I could make the shirts and give them to him again this coming Christmas!). And I've got a jacket to make for me. So, I'm doing my best to get in my hour of sewing per day this week, as if I were participating in KCWC. It's not Kids Clothing Week, though; it's Sew Something Already! Week. 

And if Caitlyn doesn't put on those extra inches by January, she will have done so by April and I'll definitely have things to sew for next spring's KCWC.  Maybe I'll have knits figured out by then, too.

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