October 13, 2011

Next time, I'll know better

If you can get your hands on 4 lbs of fresh peaches (a bit unlikely now that it's October, but there's always next year!), you want to make peach butter.

peach butter

I found the recipe over at Smitten Kitchen and was instantly obsessed. Like, I thought about it all the time and I hadn't even tasted it yet. I got too excited and bought too many peaches, then had to borrow a scale from a neighbor to avoid mucking up everything. I even planned out when I was going to make the peach butter, at a reasonable time on a Saturday, and then got up on Friday and knew I had to make peach butter immediately.

Next time, though, I'll know that it takes about 4 hours for the peaches to cook down all the way, instead of the 40 minutes specified in the recipe. Maybe I was overly cautious with the temperature, choosing to spend more time stirring and less time mopping peach butter off the kitchen floors and walls ('cause it spatters!). Either way, I've got jars of condensed summer and it's amazing.

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