February 05, 2011

Ring-a-Ling Pocket

Ian recently upgraded his phone, so I've inherited the old iPhone. Look out world, I have a smart phone now, which mostly means I won't be calling Ian to ask "where is that park/business/restaurant that I'm sure I'm close to but can't quite find" anymore.

The new phone is much larger than my old phone, which generally fit in my pocket. Not this one, which could lead me to rant about women's fashion and the abominably small pockets therein. I mean, really, if you want to make it look like there are pockets but make them unusable so the presence of items in said pockets won't ruin the profile of the person wearing the pants, don't put in a tiny pocket lining. Make them faux pockets. Or, here's a thought, leave it up to the person wearing the clothes to decide "does the presence of this phone in my pocket make me look fat?" But making an actual pocket that you can't put anything in that's larger than 1.75 inches wide? What's the point?

Never mind.

I have a new-to-me iPhone. Sometimes I put it in a handbag, which conveniently has useful pockets (unlike some jeans I could mention), but sometimes I just want to drop the phone in my jacket pocket and leave the bag at home. And sometimes there are other things in my jacket pockets (keys, pens, shiny rocks). So a little something to protect the phone seemed like a good idea. A little poking out on the interwebs found me a whole array of handmade covers and sleeves for iPads, including this one at One Pearl Button, which I sized down for the phone. I added the loop partially for interest and partially because sometimes I need to carry a phone and (gasp!) I don't have pockets at all. Not sure how I'll deal with this, but at least I won't say, "Gee, I wish this had a loop on it."

my new phone cosy!

Ta-da! A phone cosy! Or, as Caitlyn has decided to call it, a "Ring-a-Ling Pocket". Because that's what phones do. And it's for a phone.


  1. How cute! I love the addition of trim and the loop. The colors are so pretty together!

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