February 08, 2011


School called this morning before 10am to report that Caitlyn had been ill, would I please come get her? She'd complained a bit of an upset tummy at breakfast but insisted that she would be fine and would go to school. I should have known something was not right when she came back for an extra hug before getting on the bus.

I found her in the school office, fingering the fringe on the state flag, a little dried sick on the front of her dress. Eventually I had to scoop her up and carry her outside as she sobbed. There had been plans to go home with a friend after school and, oh! the disappointment! She was going to miss out on riding her friend's bus! Caitlyn eventually resigned herself to the Immovable Object that is her mother and consented to get into the car, where she informed me that she may be going home but she was still going to her friend's house in the afternoon, after her friend got home from school. Disappointment, again.

And then, as we drove away from school, she came unglued once more. She'd gotten sick in the morning, during all the business of attendance taking and lunch ordering.

"It's still time to put the lunch cards out." Gasp. Sob. And then the wail: "We haven't even learned anything yet!"


  1. melinda9:32 PM

    Awww. Poor bean! I hope she feels better soon.

  2. She does already. There was a short spell after lunch when maybe there was going to be a relapse, but it didn't happen and she was giggles and bounces by bedtime. Hopefully she doesn't learn to play sick for a day of iPad and movies until she's older and I can insist that she read if she's too sick for school!