February 14, 2011

Of Hair Ties and Health

After the strangest stomach flu I've ever encountered (who knew that you could have a stomach flu and only throw up sporadically?), Caitlyn went back to school today. Rumor is that whatever it was went around and around the kindergarten classes last week, with kids going back to school too soon only to throw up and be sent home again. Glad to have missed out on that!

And, really, it's not a bit too soon. Caitlyn was positively devastated when she realized that she would be missing Kimball's Lunar New Year celebration with lion dances; she threw herself into my lap and cried out her heartbreak in missing it. If she'd also had to miss Valentine's Day - after watching the parent volunteers make gold mailboxes out of shoeboxes to receive the valentines, after writing each of her classmates' names and "from Caitlyn" on each of the little cards we printed (strawberries for the girls, spaceships for the boys) - I think it might well have been the End of All Things Good.

Caitlyn shows her new hairclip

I took advantage of the general improvement in heath around here to put together a new hairclip for Caitlyn. She's reached an awkward stage in hair accessories, where ponytails are only so popular, quite possibly because they are not fancy enough, but all the "fancy" clips we have are designed for someone with less hair. She'd wear her hair down all the time if she could, but Mama is trying to minimize the amount of hair she gets in her food (and the food in her hair, for that matter).

I'm pleased to report that the new bow was met with delight this morning. I hope the clip itself isn't too big (I scaled down the suggested bow size so it wouldn't be larger than her head - yes, I've had the clip base since the early 90s apparently). Maybe I'll have to pick up some more clip bases and see if she wants to cover one in shiny pink buttons or something.

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