February 16, 2011

Dis-proof of Concept, and The Answer

thread catcher?

Sewing creates these tiny bits of thread that you cut off a project. I've always just had a little pile going on my work table, and sometimes I would sweep them into my hand and get them to a trash bin. More often they would get swept off the table (by my project or my arm) and wait to be vacuumed into oblivion.

Last night, I decided that it was time to grow up. So I made a thing in which to put thread tails.

What resulted is not quite what I had in mind.

thread catcher?

It's edges are too wavy and too wide. The buttonholes are uneven lengths. Not to mention that one buttonhole every 3/4 of an inch for about 17 inches is a lot of buttonholes. Sure, it holds the thread bits just fine but it isn't quite the lovely addition to my workspace I was imagining.

It's a Concept Disproved. Or at least Poorly Executed. The good news is that I've got another idea for the same thing, hopefully with a less ruffly edge and fewer buttonholes. So, hurray for rough drafts.

In related news:

roses on fabric

This fabric is the answer to the one-question quiz that will come up sometime in the next six to twelve months. Hope you are taking notes!

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