November 01, 2010

Well, that seems appropriate, somehow. I've finally come back to writing here and Uncommon Grace (a crafty writing mama with great photos!) mentions that she's doing NoBloPoMo. (I first heard of it on Grace's site a year ago, I think.) There's a challenge: can I find something to say every day for a month? More interesting, I think: if I succeed with November, will the habit stay with me?

I blog for a couple of reasons. I have a far-flung collection of family members and friends, and it's nice to be able to post things about what I'm working on and what Caitlyn's up to so those who want to follow along are able to do so. It's also a creative outlet, one of many, since I apparently need lots. This past summer got so busy at times (ok, all the time) that lots of my projects got neglected (sewing, writing, recreational cooking); the lack of creative outlet time made me rather habitually cranky. Blessings upon my family for keeping me, anyway.

Not to say that it wasn't a fun summer. We did some great things and I hope to post at least one or two representative pictures at some point. But sometimes it's necessary to stop doing outward-facing things. And I know that I'm much happier having spent a good chunk of time on Sunday wading around in my fabric stash with no particular timeline or agenda. No dress or backpack to make, no gifts to assemble on a deadline.

Maybe I was ready for fall back in July or August. There's something about the return of the rains (almost 2 inches today!) that inspire things like tea and soup and books and staying home and working on projects. Now that the rain is back, I'm enjoying all four.

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