November 29, 2010

I have this fantasy about melting snow:

Imagine you have some snow on the ground. Seattle snow. Midwestern snow would be too deep. Now imagine that it all melts, all at once. Instantly. Like someone used the Clapper and instead of turning on a light, all the snow was immediately liquid. Now imagine the split second when the water is all standing where the snow had been, all still and quiet, like the water's a little surprised to be Not Snow. Then, it all suddenly rushes away. It's somewhere between that Parting of the Red Sea scene in The Ten Commandments and a child's moment at the beach when that last pail of water breaches the castle wall. Or if there was a glass of water and someone shot the glass.

Yes, I realize that if snow actually melted this way, it would be A Bad Thing. Instant floods and all. But it's still kind of fun to think about...

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