November 24, 2010

One of the things I enjoy about a good snowfall in Seattle is how it shuts things down. We live a block off an arterial road, and when we've had a good snow fall, the volume of traffic drops significantly. There were occasional cars on it yesterday, but mostly just the big trucks interspersed with stretches of quiet. Today - probably due to the holiday since I'm not sure the road is really all that much safer - the cars and their constant hum are back.

Snow provides an excuse. I'm behind on my pre-holiday to-do list because it was important to take Caitlyn out in the snow yesterday (beautiful blue skies, a "balmy" 26 degrees F) for impromptu neighborhood sledding. When snow doesn't happen all that often, you have to make a celebration out of it. Otherwise you just end up complaining about how it's messed up your habits and your plans.

We've been below freezing since Monday; when we return to the "normal" temperatures of mid-40s, it's going to seem so warm!

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