January 24, 2013


The official Tiramisu sewalong is all done. And after three muslins for the the bodice, I'm saying it's time to do this thing for real.

Not that I'm totally confident that I've got the fit "just right". But I'm not sure I'm being realistic any more. The last time I had the latest muslin on, I noticed some wrinkling around the armscye area. Has it always been there? Is it supposed to do that?

I might be starting to nit-pick, looking for flaws to adjust where there aren't any.

Besides, my muslin fabric is a bit different from the fabric I bought for the actual dress. It's light and a little slippery, with a slight tendency to run; the actual fabric is a bit heavier with a tendency to curl along the edges. I'm guessing the dress fabric might have better recovery, given its small Lycra content.

Then there's the fact that I've not bothered with the skirt at all, which I understand will influence how the bodice hangs.

Sometimes you have to stop practicing and do something for real. No matter how close to perfect I got the muslin (it's the white and red striped heap in the background below), working with the actual fabric is going to be a slightly different animal.
starting my Tiramisu, for real
So, I've cut out the dress pieces from the real thing and I'm going to give this a go.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Appreciating your good insights, and wishing you good luck.