September 17, 2012

My Weekend

I have a small problem with stubbornness. I plan to do something and by darn I'm going to do all of it. Even at the expense of, well, health and sanity.

Which is why I spent Sunday stumbling around the house in a fog of exhaustion. Because apparently I don't have the good sense to not start something at 5pm.

Saturday: one batch of Pear+Ginger Preserves, one batch of Pear-Apple Sauce (using up the rest of the fruit from the backyard), freezing three bundles of spinach, and one batch of spicy Chinese Plum Sauce.
fruit in jars
It's not Can-o-Rama by any measure. But then, I'm not done yet and I keep tucking the jars into the dark and unphotographable pantry as soon as they are properly cool. Maybe when I'm all done (post-peaches, hopefully) I'll post the total tally of all the canned, dried and frozen things.

Or maybe not. I think Erica's amazing, in her own wonderfully crazy way. But I'm not trying to out-do her. Really.

Next up: roasted red peppers, grapes, peaches.

1 comment:

  1. But in the winter, when you pull out a jar of preserves and the flavor bursts forth, all the exhaustion will be forgotten or if not forgotten, at least forgiven...a bit like childbirth, wouldn't you say?

    If I had anyone around who could and would actually eat the stuff, I'd be right behind you with apricot and strawberry jam and canned peaches!