January 19, 2010

When I got started on it this morning, the vision for dinner was potato soup. When the garden produces 48 pounds of potatoes, that's a lot of potatoes to discover/invent ways to eat. Some of them are starting to show their age (perhaps the pantry is slightly warmer than the perfect potato storage temperature), but they still soup nicely.

But there was half a sweet potato in the fridge that I threw into the pot with the sautéd onions and the dried bell peppers. I added one of the jars of whey from cheesemaking last month and the whey that was floating on top of the latest batch of yogurt. Added two bouillon cubes and left it to get to know itself while Caitlyn was at school.

I'm not sure where the magic came from. The result was a little sweet, a little salty/savory. A delightful soup, eaten with cheese, and perfect for a rainy evening. Which, oddly, it's not right now, since all our rain is apparently misaddressed to California (there's a short video of the storm surge at Steamer Lane at the bottom of this article about flooding rivers, downed power lines, closed schools, smashed cars and one hydroplaning driver - sometimes I miss winter drama in San Lorenzo Valley.)

I didn't take a picture of dinner tonight since it wasn't terribly photogenic. Caitlyn sneered at it as she came to the table. But she perked right up when Ian pointed out that I had put her soup through the blender and her bowl was lump-free. She ate two bowls of it, so clearly, something went right.

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