January 05, 2010

Harvested some kale from the backyard this morning, sautéd it with onions and sweet potatoes, and made a savory bread pudding for dinner with it all. The results were very pretty, with vivid orange and green. Caitlyn, of course, looked at it and announced that she didn't want it. Coaxed into trying it, she announced, "It's not as yucky as it looks!" and then ate two servings. I'm trying to see this as a happy moment, not a critique of my cooking. Four year olds can't be reliable food critics, right? Or we'd all eat nothing but mac-n-cheese and PB&J.

I spotted Snuggie for Dogs today at a Rite Aid. I am still horrified by them. The whole Snuggie thing is kinda creepy, I think, for reasons I'm not entirely sure of. But the dog version isn't really big enough to be a real Snuggie (for obvious reasons), so really, it's just a fleece for your dog that has the same brand name as the thing you wear when you spend all Saturday on your couch. Why do you want to wear the same thing your dog is wearing???

Ok, so I've just outed myself as a cat person, again, haven't I?

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