November 14, 2012

Tangle Storage

I've recently discovered Zentangle (it's Jackie's fault). And someday, perhaps, I'll show some of my tangles. Not yet, though.

More relevantly, I decided that I didn't want to carry my tangling supplies around in a beat-up gallon ziploc kitchen escapee. I'm probably breaking all sorts of tangle etiquette by not tangling in a more meditative fashion. Oh, well. Maybe when I'm all grown up I'll figure out how to get up before dawn, write 1000 words, do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, center myself with a tangle, and be all peaceful, productive smiles for my family at breakfast.

Apparently, I'm not grown up yet.

Anyway. I made a pocket for my tangles.
Zentangle pocket
Maybe it's more of a wallet?
Zentangle pocket
I borrowed liberally from the folded card wallet tutorial at Trillium Designs but then kinda did my own thing. This version is wider, has two tangle tile sized pockets, and has an extra added pocket for pens.
Zentangle pocket
It's not perfect yet. It's too wide. Maybe I should have quilted the whole thing before assembly. The pen pocket seems excessively deep, but the top flap of the whole would need to be longer to close things up if the pen pocket were shallower. Maybe I should have put the pen pocket on the back with it's own velcro?

If I made it less wide and converted the two tile sized pockets to three credit card sized pockets, I bet it would make a nice, simple wallet. Maybe I'll try to take it even smaller, just big enough for some cash and an id, still small enough to fit in a pocket for a trip to the farmers' market.

Maybe I'll make too many of these pockets, getting it just right, trying out each new idea.

Maybe this is how I'll end up with an online store.


  1. Oh my, I've been Zentangling for a while. Welcome to the obsession. Have you tried the small squared Moleskin notebook for keeping your patterns? That's my newest wrinkle. I found instructions for it on after trying a few other ideas for reminding myself how to do the different designs. Here's the address:

    I love all the funny names they come up with for the designs and the process not only aids relaxation and focus, it has improved my drawing skills. Plus, plus, plus!

    I found a zip pouch for storing my supplies at REI and everything fits but it's not nearly as pretty as yours.

    1. Thanks for the link. I hadn't really thought of re-drawing the how-tos... might be an interesting way of learning more of them. I've sort of built my own reference by mining Zentangle's blog and assembling their instructional images into a for-personal-use PDF. It lives on the iPad. I'm hoping for a proper Zentangle kit from Santa, largely for me but also partially for Caitlyn, who just recently announced she'd like to tangle, too!