September 14, 2011

My Summer Vacation

And just like that, the summer is over. We went from clear skies and mid-80s to overcast and 68 degrees basically overnight.

Not a moment too soon, in my opinion. It'll be tomato canning time shortly and that's never fun when it's still toasty outside. But more than that, I'm ready for autumn. Our summer was very full, not always in the ways I'd planned, and not particularly relaxing. I'm still trying to overcome my disappointment that I wasn't able to give Caitlyn the kind of summer vacation I wanted to, with outings and hikes and projects of either artistic or culinary natures. I suppose I'd created some fantasy notion of easy summer days of magical Mama-Caitlyn time as we barreled through the spring and galloped into summer. Things seemed crazy busy for me even then, and I didn't expect that it would just continue that way. Which, in hindsight, is silly, since I don't really recall doing anything to make it less crazy busy except complain.

Don't think that there weren't good things in our summer. We went berry picking (strawberries from Schuh Farm, blueberries from Bryant Farm, blackberries from over by the P-Pach). There was a group camping outing and Extra Large Marshmallows. Caitlyn got a week of day camp and started ballet again. We sat outside and watched How to Train Your Dragon in the park. There were picnics at the farmers' market and time with grandparents and aunts and cousins. We even managed a couple of family bike rides.

I'm hoping for a slower pace this coming season. I'd like more creative time for me (my sewing machine must think I don't like it anymore) and more slow time for all of us. I'd like more leisurely cups of tea, more soup. I'm ready for Wednesday to move back inside and for our movie nights to resume. I'd like some guilt-free reading, by myself and with Caitlyn (must make sure she doesn't lose sight of the fact that she can still read for fun, not just for school). Oh, and while I'm at it, let's have some walks to enjoy the leaves as they fall, some crisp apples, and some rain to refresh the garden and my soul.

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