September 22, 2011

Back to School

Caitlyn is a first grader Caitlyn has been pleading for pigtails as a hair style for at least a year, and I have finally caved. I've never been fond of the hair style and I may have been concerned it would take too long for Miss Fidget. But she holds still, more or less, and will even hold half her hair to the side so that the part is mostly straight down the back of her head. We've also discovered that this is the current best hair style for circus class, since there's no lump of ponytail on the back of her head to make her somersaults go sideways.

The first day of school was Most Eagerly Anticipated again this year. Caitlyn is a first grader, and this school thing is so old habit. Sure, they moved the start time back 30 minutes (as a cost cutting measure for the transportation department) and we're all, in our own ways, having a bit of trouble with the early mornings: I'm blearily staggering around and Caitlyn would rather look at her books than get dressed. We're building a strict routine for getting out the door on time and fully prepared for the day.

And there is homework for first graders. Which seems totally bizarre to me, but then I don't remember homework until about third or fourth grade and by that time it was essays and science projects. It probably makes more sense to start earlier and with smaller assignments, for building good habits and keeping the whole concept of school somewhat appealing. Caitlyn is currently very excited about homework and will rush through the process of making her next-day's lunch so that she can go do her homework.

I can't help but wonder how long it will last.

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