December 30, 2010

A new bookshelf

I've started a new shelf over at GoodReads called "Caitlyn's Chapter Books" where I'm attempting to list all the longer books I've read to Caitlyn. I'm mostly recreating the list at the moment, since I should have started this years ago (it's not like I've only been reading long books to her recently). Listing all the picture books would probably be an interesting exercise, but that seems a little daunting - we read a lot of picture books.

I'm adding these books to my GoodReads profile partly because I am reading them and partly to keep a list to share with Caitlyn someday: Here are all (or at least most of) the (bigger) things we read when you were small. I'll try to remember to add in any comments she has about the books in the review section, although I imagine that for the time being most of her reviews are going to be, "Read it again, Mama!"

Since I can't pre-read everything in the children's section first, I'd love suggestions. If you have any favorite chapter books (classic or otherwise) that are appropriate for a kindergartner or first grader, please send them my way. I love having a steady diet of stories to share, but I'm a bit nervous about launching into a longer book with Caitlyn without knowing what I'm getting into; it won't do to get into the middle of something only to discover she's not ready for a certain theme or image (that is, to discover that I've misjudged the age of the intended audience - we're doing fine with the princesses all getting married but actually kissing a boy is, well, "Eeeeeww!").

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