May 10, 2010

We've come to the time of year when I start to think that if I just sat still long enough, I could see the plants growing. I trimmed the lawn out back a couple weeks ago and it's all fluffy again already. Because it's an Eco-turf lawn, it's more than just grass and the little daisies in it are blooming again. If I let it go one more week, I might get clover flowers, but I'll also not be able to find the cat next time he gets outside.

Anyway, I thought I'd test my theory. Not the cat-losing theory but the can-I-watch-the-plants-grow theory. So yesterday morning I took pictures of the seedlings in the sun room.

pumpkin seedling in the morning

This is a pumpkin seedling.

pumpkin seedling in the evening

Same pumpkin seedling, approximately 8 hours later. The first leaves (they have a special name for the first leaves a seed makes, but it's not in my head right now) have separated.

basil seedlings in the morning

These are basil seedlings.

basil seedlings in the evening

Same seedlings at the end of the day. The most noticeable growth is in the right side of the picture, with the seedling pushing it's way past the dark soil clump.

It happens with such regularity every year and yet this small miracle of germination and greening always blows my mind.

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