May 09, 2010

Things I did today:

- made a batch of experimental pancakes. The blueberry sauce helped make them a bit more like breakfast and less like raisinless oatmeal raisin cookies. Caitlyn didn't like that we told her she couldn't have syrup on them.

- made some colby cheese. This cheese was less than 6 hours from initial pot sterilization to cheese in press. Either this recipe was simpler or I'm getting better at this. We'll know in 2 months after this one is done aging.

- finished assembling 3 dozen confetti eggs. Must remember to take a picture of them all together before they get smashed.

So, basically I spent all afternoon in the kitchen, except for the time spent pouring watery whey on the peas outside. While I was there, it felt like my list of Things Accomplished was going to be longer. Maybe I should count the eggs individually. Clearly, my Quantity/Quality slider is off.

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