December 17, 2012

An Interruption

Look what came in the mail last week:
Tiramisu pattern from Cake!
StephC over at 3 Hours Past has launched Cake Patterns, focusing on make-able, wear-able, everyday wardrobe options, "always with pockets"! Tiramisu is the first pattern, and I'm extra excited because Steph is going to do a sew-along after the first of the year with info for the knits newbie. (Ok, maybe I've done a few things with knits in the last year, but I still feel awkward and intimidated around them.)

Oh, and Steph is doing a pre-sale "circus" this week for Cake's second pattern, Pavlova, a wrap top and skirt. I bought my Tiramisu pattern during the last pre-sale (Steph uses the pre-sale to fund the printing run for the pattern) which basically worked out to a reasonably priced multi-sized pattern with free shipping.

If you think you might want a Pavlova of your own, get it now! I'll probably kick myself later for sitting this one out - I've got to make some progress on the pile of projects before I add any more!


  1. Always with pockets...I'm intrigued! I'm always too lazy to add pockets to patterns that don't have them even though it's the easiest thing in the world to do it. I think it's not having the pattern pieces and having to drag them out from some other pattern. I should just keep some pocket patterns out in my sewing room for insertion whenever desired. Did you download, or order this pattern in paper form?

    1. I ordered the paper version, although a download is available. I'm not that excited about taping a bunch of 8.5x11in pieces of paper together to do the download thing, especially something sized for me.