February 27, 2012

Be my Friend?

And now for a shameless plea: I've added the Friend Connect gadget over in the sidebar. You probably will have to scroll to find it, since it was so sad and empty I couldn't leave it at the top where it'd be totally obvious. Would you be so kind as to click on the big blue "Join this Site" button and "friend" my blog?

I've avoided putting the gadget in the sidebar for years, figuring I didn't need the regular reminder that I probably spend a lot of time talking to myself over here. But I have been more active here in the last few years, and I'm getting more comments than I used to (thank you!), and some people use Blogger's dashboard to follow blogs (I'm fond of my RSS reader on our iPad, but not everyone likes that method). In some small effort to be reach-able to lots of people - voila - new gadget.

So, if it's not too much trouble, even if you don't use Blogger's dashboard, would you be my friend?

Thanks! You're awesome, too!

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