June 21, 2011

Someone is Six

chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting
For the third year in a row, when I asked Caitlyn what kind of birthday cake she wanted, she requested peppermint. Last year, I talked her into chocolate cake with peppermint frosting, so this year it was an short step from one to the other. Peppermint cake is a little weird, all on it's own. And, of course, I made too many cupcakes. I don't suppose it would be a party if I didn't make too much food.

confetti eggs
Or too many confetti eggs. There are about seven dozen here, and the kids smashed every single one.

bean bags
And when they were out of eggs to smash, they threw these around. I'd made them for a variation on Musical Chairs (we don't have that many chairs, and given the rate at which we've been sitting through them, I don't think the ones we still have would have survived the party), which the kids all humored me by playing once. The bean bags doubled as the "goody bag" (All the kids expected a goody bag and chorused their requests as soon as present opening was complete. I'm horrified, both by the expectation and by the practice, although the latter may be more a factor of my dislike of the candy and cheap plastic crap which often arrives home via "goody bag".) and everyone got to pick one to take home.

all in a circle
They arranged themselves in this circle. A year of kindergarten has tangible results!

blowing out the candle
We used a tea light for a birthday candle since I couldn't find the actual birthday candles. And we only used the one because the wind suddenly picked up and I couldn't keep more than one lit.

And now she is six. Exuberant, dramatic, adventuresome, creative, exasperating, affectionate. My girl, who wants to be barefoot as much as possible and would wear her fairy wings everywhere if she could, who tells stories constantly and can't stay still ever. Who shines so very brightly.


  1. your closest maternal ancestor11:45 AM

    Ah, the birthday dress. It is no longer sarong, it saright!

  2. corporate gift baskets

    This is what I love kiddie parties. Every child gets a goody bag from the host. Everyone looks happy.