June 10, 2011


Rachel over at PS I Quilt has launched another quilt along, and I'm not able to join in the fun. Frowny face.

There's a lot going on between now and the end of the month. Though a new quilt along would be fun, I'm not going to finish Caitlyn's birthday present on time as it is. Not to mention that the last quilt along top still isn't done yet.

Oh, and Quilt Dad just announced his participation in another quilt along. This one is appealing for it's traditional/sampler style. I admire all these modern quilts in modern fabrics, but sometimes I like to revel in the old-fashioned-ness of quilting.

Not that I'm about to take up hand-piecing quilt tops, or give up my rotary cutter. I can't have the quilts taking any longer than they already do - I'd never finish anything!

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