January 17, 2011

Quilt Along Progress

I finished the strip sets for Rachel's Postage Stamp Quilt Along over the weekend. Just in time for the next set of instructions!

Quilt Along Strip Set A
Strip Set A

Quilt Along Strip Set B
Strip Set B

And both sets, alternated to give a sense of how the final quilt top will look.

It's turning out a bit more on the blue side of things than I expected. That's one of the challenges (and possibly a fun part) of buying jelly rolls of pre-cut fabric: it's all rolled up and you're left trying to figure out what you've got by looking at a bunch of edges. On the other hand, there are fabrics that I wouldn't gravitate toward when looking at the full pattern on a bolt but just sing for me when all I've got is a narrow strip. Weird, huh?

To see what other people in the quilt-along are doing, check out the Flickr pool. There are over 200 people participating in this quilt along, and there are some amazing-looking strip sets in the pool. Some folks are using jelly rolls I thought about (now I get to see what those rolls look like on the inside!), and some folks are using some color combinations I wouldn't have thought would pop the way they do. In a way, it's almost like making a separate quilt for every pair of jelly rolls I thought might play well together - only without the actual work of making more than 20 quilts!


  1. Wow - it's coming together beautifully! Yes, I agree about the mystery of pre-cut fabric . . .

  2. But even when you don't quite know what you are getting, those packages and rolls of strips are still so tempting to buy! Is it the pre-cut-ness? Is there a perception of a bargain? Something else?

  3. The joy of discovery?