April 13, 2010

We took a little jaunt down to California for Easter with family. My grandfather was celebrating his 90th as well as Easter (he was apparently born on Easter, too) and got to do it surrounded by all available descendants.

Great Grandpa's 90th birthday

Caitlyn was exited by the trip, but extra-enthusiastic at the prospect of spending time with her cousin. The tissue paper from some Easter gifts was a big hit.

Caitlyn and tissue paper

We took Caitlyn down to the beach and watched the waves off West Cliff. There had been a bit of a storm the day before, so there were some good ones crashing into the cliffs and sending up spray.

Caitlyn watching waves

It was a lovely day, and the surfers were out, so we watched them for a while. And then we pointed out the rides visible on the other side of the wharf and Caitlyn - trouper that she is - willingly walked the almost 2 miles there (it's shorter if you go straight, but it's wet, and not even surfers can go in a straight line) to check out the Boardwalk.

Caitlyn at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

We made a second stop in at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Caitlyn got to ride in Grandpa's lifting chair and made a brave attempt to sit still long enough for the dog to snore as promised (the dog didn't deliver). She exhibited a strange ability to locate all the plastic leaf coasters in the house, and at the end, consented to a photo with Grandma and to a Flying Caitlyn hug for Grandpa.

Caitlyn with Great Grandma

Add in a walk in the redwoods (over muddy trails, since we had forgotten about the good-wave-creating torrential downpour on Sunday) and it was a fine trip.

big tree

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