March 22, 2010

A few more days of sun, and the peas are germinating!

Caitlyn, of course, is taking this as a sign that she doesn't need to wear a jacket anymore. This morning, as we were leaving for school, she insisted, "But it's not freezing!" Well, yes, but it's also not 70 degrees out, yet. Mama's going to insist on a jacket for a few more weeks, I think.

The seed potatoes have arrived.

This is their "before" portrait. I'll take an after picture before I plant them...

The onion seeds have germinated, as well.

Now I have to decide how long I'm going to keep them indoors. My seed-starting trays aren't as deep as the ones I bought onion starts in last year, so I probably can't wait until these little things are the size of the ones I got at the nursery. Which makes me think I'm probably going to buy starts in a few weeks to supplement these. I should probably try to find a little guidance on starting onions from seed for next year if I think I'll try this again. Instinct is telling me that I'm going to lose some of these, and probably not to the cat.

Back outside, cherry flowers.

And blueberry leaves.

The pear tree is in bloom and the raspberries are leafing out. With the equinox over the weekend, both the calendar and the backyard agree: Spring is here!

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