May 24, 2007

I have (more or less) officially finished the planned planting for the backyard. Caitlyn and I planted pepper plants and three kinds of squash seeds (zucchini, pumpkin, and butternut) this morning. Caitlyn seems to enjoy planting seeds. I put the holes in the dirt and she puts in the seeds. Putting the mulch back over them is fun, but the best part is getting to wave her hands in the water from the watering can. When we're done, she says, "Plant more seeds!" This may be about the seeds or the opportunity to play with the water.

So, the veggie beds are full. The peas are taking over. We're eating the first lettuce. The strawberries are getting ripe. The neighborhood seems to be astounded by the potato plants, which are getting rather large, mostly because it seems that no one has ever seen a potato plant before. I'll post another picture in a month or so, when the beans are up and the tomatoes have filled out a little.


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  2. Oh, your garden sounds gorgeous. Looking forward to the photos. Perhaps my daughter and I will plant tomatoes in our garden this year.