May 29, 2007

I dreamt aliens came to Earth and needed humans to return with them. They anticipated no problem finding volunteers as they were offering excellent child care and complete health benefits...

Caitlyn has, without my really noticing it (bad Mama! bad Mama!), started speaking in sentences. "Look at me!" "Don't touch, just look at it." "Go see more amin-als!" "I'm tired. Time for stories." "I'm cold." "Mama's name is Christina. Papa's name is Papa. 'Kit-tin's' name is 'Cait-Lyn'." Her sentences frequently wander off in the middle, sometimes hitting a skip like an old record, leaving her repeating something over and over while she tries to figure out what word she wants next. And there's still lots of gibberish, although most of it seems to be acknowledged as gibberish and just said because it sounds neat.

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