July 01, 2003

Seems to me we stand at a crossroads. On the one hand, there seems to be a growing consciousness that things cannot stay as they are. On the other, our very inertia propels us toward chaos and catastrophe. I went to the market yesterday, and while walking in the parking lot I seemed to see two buildings: the intact commercial center in front of me and a dark and crumbling shell mentally overlaid. I'm never sure what causes the destruction my inner eye sees, just that it's a possibility.

Finished reading Juliet Marillier's Sevenwaters Trilogy. Wrapped in a story of 10th century Ireland that begins with a retelling of the tale of the six brothers turned to swans and rescued through the pain and determination of their sister, the author offers a suggestion for the origin of Avalon and the possibility that when the time is right The Islands will unveil themselves. She does not speak of the return of Arthur but rather the return of balance. After centuries of destruction and pollution, of believing our human selves above and outside the tapestry of existence, we will rediscover what we once knew: We are a part of a whole, balance is everything, and there's magic in the elements, in family, in love.

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